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Massel - Plant-based stocks since 1982

Massel is a pioneering, entrepreneurial company founded in Australia, which started operating in Sydney in 1982. It is dedicated to creating delicious gravies and bouillons, starting with great ingredients and checking all the boxes for a healthy diet. 

Massel’s wide variety of stocks and gravies have been trusted by both home chefs and industry professionals for decades, so if you don't have the time to make your own stock, you can trust in this great range of stocks (below) to lift your meal from ordinary to sensational!

Is Massel stock healthy?

If you buy Massel vegetable stock from us today you'll quickly discover that they are all Gluten Free, vegan, kosher, and are also suitable for those with Coeliac Disease. These products (below) contain healthy plant-based ingredients, with the exception of salt, and free of preservatives, lactose and cholesterol.

What are the uses of stocks in a kitchen?

Whether you’re cooking for family or crafting meals in the food service sector, Massel stocks offer a simple and healthy way to add flavour.

Is Massel chicken stock vegetarian?

Massel Plant Based Chicken Style Stock Cubes 105g and Massel Plant Based Chicken Style Stock Powder 168g elevate any home-cooked meal whilst ensuring your food remains suitable for a range of dietary requirements and lifestyle choices, which includes the vegetarian diet.

*Please note that some stock products feature vegetable protein extracts that are soy derived. For more information, check each individual product's ingredients.