Margot & Montanez

Margot & Montanez: South American indulgence... redefined.

Margot & Montañez provide you with the ultimate sweet luxury for those special occasions, which is something a bit different to those normal Biscuits, Cookies & Cakes. Because let's be honest, who doesn’t love a sweet treat with their Tea or Coffee?

What do Margot & Montañez make?

Margot & Montañez make redefined versions of the famous South American treat, known as 'Alfajores'. These tastefully handcrafted Latin desserts are made from cornflour in Jen Munson-Montanez's Kitchen.

When are Alfajores eaten?

Traditionally in Venezuela, Alfajores (a type of biscuit) were served at the biggest occasions, and sometimes to just a select few guests. Filled with 'dulce de leche' (a thick, creamy, smooth caramel), you knew your host thought you were someone special if they offered you a precious Alfajores.

Are Alfajores gluten free?

While traditional Alfajores were not Gluten FreeMargot & Montañez's Alfajores are, with indulgent gluten free fillings.

Why should I choose Margot & Montañez?

Why not get together with your loved ones to share and celebrate the joy of every day, not just special days, with Margot & Montañez Alfajores. These small, luxurious, and melt-in-your-mouth biscuits will take you on a journey of discovery to maximum indulgence and surprising flavours to enhance the memories you create when sharing these delicious treats. You’ll be wondering why you’ve never tried them before!

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