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Marcel's Green Soap

Marcel's Green Soap

Marcel's Green Soap: For feel good cleaning!

Marcel's Green Soap eco-friendly products have been specifically formulated to keep your home, Body, and our planet clean. All of these gorgeous products (below) are presented in 100% recycled bottles, which although plastic, ensure that Marcel's Green Soap are constantly working to reduce plastic waste around the world.

Are Marcel’s Green Soap products vegan?

Yes! All Marcel’s Green Soap products are 100% vegan, non-toxic, and are at least 97% biodegradable. Even the glycerine used in each product is plant-based.

Can you use Marcel’s Green Soap products on any surface?

You can use Marcel’s Green Soap Household products on natural stone, marble, wooden and hardwood floors. However, it is wise to try a small amount on a corner of the surface, because after all, these products are still natural.

Is green soap good for your face?

Marcel's Green Soap shampoo's, shower gels and hand Soap can be used safely on your Face.

Are Marcel's Green Soap products paraben free?

Yes! Marcel’s Green Soap products are free from parabens, acids, ammonia, chlorine or colouring agents that are harmful to you, the environment, and your home.

Why should I clean with Marcel's Green Soap?

Marcel's Green Soap have developed a great mix of natural cleaning products, which ensure that all fat and dirt is eliminated properly, without the use of chemicals. Each product also features unique fragrances that you would normally never expect in a cleaning product, for example Basil or Cranberry. These products contain gorgeously scented Essential Oils in combination with natural perfumes. In products from other cleaning brands, you might notice the fragrance when you first open the product but it soon disappears as you use it. Marcel's Green Soap is different, and their unmistakable scents linger for longer, even after you’ve stopped cleaning!