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Kuka Coffee

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Kuka Coffee

Kuka Coffee: Clean Caffeine from Bean to Bottle. 

What is Kuka coffee?

Kuka Coffee is a South American inspired cold brew Coffee that is socially and environmentally clean. Working directly with the farmers to ensure fair prices, Kuka Coffee delivers exceptional quality and complexity whilst maintaining a sustainable ethos. 

What is cold brew coffee?

Cold brew coffee is a simple, brewing process using roasted beans left to rest for eighteen hours in cold filtered water. Kuka Coffee use only the softest natural spring water and the best green coffee on the market that they then roast especially for the cold brewing process. The result is a delicate blend of rich, fruity flavours, that maintain a depth and complexity without the bitterness. The brew gives a natural Energy boost with none of the nasties.

Is Kuka Coffee dairy free?

Yes! Kuka Coffee is Dairy Free. This espresso strength, clean caffeine product is also sugar free and vegan too!

Why should I choose Kuka Coffee?

When it comes to coffee, those clever people at Kuka have got you covered. Kuka Coffee understand that good coffee is about fulfilment, and fulfilment is based on opinion (after all, we're all different, right?). Kuka's cold brew coffee creations (below) allow you to make coffee just how you like it. Mix it, Blended it, Shake it, Combine it... It's really up to you.