Khadi: Natural herbal hair dyes inspired by Ayurveda.

Khadi is a unique range of natural Hair Care products made using Herbal formulations, which not only encourage healthy looking Hair and Skin, but also a healthy Mind, Body and soul. All the products (below) are produced according to the traditional Indian healing method Ayurveda, taking into account the quality standards for controlled natural Cosmetics.

What does Khadi mean?

In English Khadi (or Khaddar) refers to hand-spun or handwoven cloth & fabric, while in Hindi, Khadi means 'the link'.

Where is Khadi made?

Khadi products have been on the market in India for over 40 years and are available in many pharmacies and own shops there. However the European production line takes place in Amtsgericht Stadthagen, Germany.

Are khadi products really natural?

Yes! Khadi is 100% natural and free from artificial colours. dyes, preservatives, parabens, peroxides and ammonia too!

What colours can I dye my hair with Khadi?

Khadi colours range from blonde, brown, red and black.

How can I use Khadi herbal hair colour?

Dyeing your hair with plant-based hair colour products has never been easier and also has many advantages too! One of them is certainly that it is actually quite simple, and with a little practice, it is done in no time.

Why should I choose Khadi Natural Hair Colours?

The Khadi range is designed to give your hair an intense yet natural colour. The herbal ingredients within them work to strengthen your hair from the roots to tips to ensure it will look amazing and feel great after the application. The natural plant pigments of Khadi Natural Hair Colours coat every single strand like a protective colour glaze, so the longer you let the dye take effect, the more intense the colour becomes.

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