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Island Bakery

Island Bakery

The Island Bakery: Set Sail To The Finest Scottish-Baked Treats.

The Island Bakery offer an extensive selection of hand-baked organic Biscuits and Shortbread based treats. In 2001, when Island Bakery was first established, they initially had just four varieties of products, however within their first year the company had picked up several Great Taste awards and scooped an Organic Food award too. Although the Island Bakery insist on a strict ‘organic only’ code, they pride themselves on giving their biscuits plenty of freedom to express their individuality, which is why no two biscuits ever look quite the same.

Great biscuits come in many shapes, sizes & guises...

The Island Bakery believe great biscuits come in many shapes, sizes and guises and are not the sort of people that get excited by timid tastes, ridiculously regimented uniformity or overtly flouncy formats. Therefore when choosing the Island Bakery biscuits you can rest assured that the Food you consume will never contain any preservatives, palm oils, GMO’s or artificial colours & flavours. These Scottish-baked treats should be savoured slowly, not nonchalantly nibbled or idly scoffed.

Organic biscuits produced on the Scottish Isle of Mull...

Island Bakery produce their particularly characterful organic biscuits on the Scottish Isle of Mull. Renowned for its wild and unspoilt landscapes, as well as its welcoming islanders, the Isle of Mull’s capital, Tobermory, is famous for the coloured houses which surround its harbour. Island Bakery’s factory is powered entirely with local sources of renewable Energy. Electricity for the building is generated both by a hydro-electric turbine on the neighbouring Tobermory river, while their unique ovens are heated using local woodchip from the Isle of Mull’s abundant timber plantations. This is not only environmentally sustainable but the gentle heat gives the biscuits a slow, perfect bake.