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Hilltop Honey

Hilltop Honey

Hilltop Honey: Because there's more to Honey.

Hilltop Honey want everyone to know that there’s more to Honey than you might initially think. All honey isn’t the same like many of us believe, as there are so many different flavours to choose from if you look hard enough. Similar to wine, the flavour of honey all depends on what flowers the bees have visited to make the honey. With this in mind, Hilltop Honey is gathered from the arable crops and wildflowers that grow across West Wales to provide you with a unique selection of honey products.

What types of products do Hilltop Honey make?

Hilltop Honey have an exciting range of flavoured honeys, Bee Pollen, and delicious cut combs (see below). These products are presented in reusable glass jars and 100% recyclable easy squeezy bottles, respectively.

How should I store my Hilltop Honey products?

Hilltop Honey should be kept in a dry place at room temperature with the jar securely sealed. Hilltop Honey cut combs should be stored in a dry place at room temperature with the container securely sealed.

Is Hilltop Honey pasteurised?

No, Hilltop Honey is not pasteurised. It is only ever gently warmed to help remove the bits consumers do not wish to eat.

Why should I choose Hilltop Honey?

Like all honey's, the benefits of Hilltop Honey are endless! From using Hilltop Honey Manuka on your Skin to help it heal, or drizzling Organic Multiflower Honey on your morning Porridge for that delicious added taste. And with an ever increasing range of products which includes an exciting selection of British, speciality, organic, fairtrade and Manuka Honey varieties, Hilltop Honey is now supplied by thousands of hives, whose beekeepers share the same values of this lovable brand.