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Grounded - Plant-based protein shakes 

Grounded make the very best Dairy Free shakes, which are crammed full of pure, plant power, and absolutely nothing else. Unlike regular milkshakes, which are often full of rubbish, Grounded Protein M*lkshakes are 100% natural and made with ingredients like organic sunflower seed protein, organic sunflower oil, organic madagascan Vanilla and organic & fairtrade cocoa powder. It's simple, if it's not from the ground, it doesn't go in!

What makes Grounded stand out?

They are an innovative food company who believe if you mess with nature, it’ll probably mess with you. Established in West London in 2016, ‘Powered By Nature’ has become more than just a platform but an ethos for their ever-growing range of natural and functional products.

Are Grounded Milkshakes high in sugar?

Both Grounded Protein Mint Choc Milkshake 490ml and Grounded Protein Chocolate Milkshake 490ml have less sugar than skimmed milk and 40% less sugar than most chocolate milk drinks. They are 90% organic too, and free from hidden nasties.

Who drinks Grounded shakes?

Grounded drinks are an all-natural, all-vegan product that offers smooth, creamy and guilt free shakes to those on strict plant based diets. They contain 20g of the best tasting plant-protein around too, full of essential Amino Acids to improve the endurance levels or gym goers and those with physically demanding lifestyles.