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Green Origins

Green Origins

Green Origins: Putting the ‘Super’ back in ‘Superfoods.

Green Origins offer a range of 100% pure, ethically-sourced superfoods, with an exceptionally high nutritional content. Working directly with superfood producers from all over the world, Green Origins can guarantee consistent high quality products at competitive prices.

What are superfoods?

Superfoods are incredibly nutrient-rich and offer a wide variety of essential micronutrients in high quantities. They are packed with Antioxidants, polyphenols and a variety of Vitamins and Minerals. All superfoods have different nutritional profiles, but combined with a healthy diet they help our bodies maintain a healthy balance.

Are Green Origins superfoods organic?

Not all Green Origins superfood products are organic, however most of them are (some are vegan too!) and futhermore are certified 100% organic by the Soil Association.

Why should I choose Green Origins superfoods?

Green Origins believe that as you only get one shot at life, you owe it to yourself to eat the very best foods available. Whoever and wherever you are, Green Origins want you to enjoy the nutritional wonders of the world. This is why their products are completely pure as nature intended, with no filler or additives.