Glebe Farm

Glebe Farm

Glebe Farm: 100% Gluten Free Oats & Oat Products.

Whether it’s Porridge & Oats, Granola & Muesli or the range of Dairy Free Milk Alternatives, known as 'PureOaty', Glebe Farm are there every step of the way to ensure that their oats are wholesome & 100% clean.

What is a Glebe Farm?

Glebe Farm is the only farm in the UK growing and processing Gluten Free oats into porridge flakes, oat flour and their delicious PureOaty Drinks & Beverages

What happened to Oatly?

You may have read about the famous Trademark Infringement Case between Glebe Farm and Oatly, back in June 2021. Oatly took legal action against Glebe Farm Foods, claiming that Glebe's PureOaty products took “unfair advantage” of its brand’s positioning. They went on to accuse Glebe Farm of trying to “pass off” its products as Oatly’s.

Glebe Farm Foods, run by brother and sister Philip and Rebecca Rayner, denied the claims and the court eventually ruled in favour of Glebe Farm with the judge saying "It's hard to see how any relevant confusion would arise from the Glebe's use of the sign PureOaty".

While we at Natures Healthbox recognise that Oatly is now a big company, backed by a lot of investors, we believe there was no need for this over-publicised act of mean, petty bullying. With this in mind, we have removed all Oatly products from our website and encourage you all to purchase Glebe Farm Foods instead. 

Where is Glebe Farm based?

Glebe Farm is an independent business based in Cambridgeshire.

What are oats considered?

Oats are a natural Superfood, rich in Vitamins, Minerals and soluble fibre. They’re also naturally gluten free – but only when they’re completely pure.

Why should I choose Glebe Farm Foods?

At Glebe Farm, gluten free foods are simply what they do. As the premier supplier of gluten free oats throughout Europe, they're involved in every step of the growing, milling and manufacturing processes, so know exactly what goes into every product they make.

Most commercial oats are processed in facilities that also process wheat, barley, and rye. This opens them up to cross-contamination, making them unsuitable for consumers who suffer with gluten allergies and intolerances. Glebe Farm oats are different, and milled on a dedicated gluten free farm which ensures complete oat purity and no cross-contamination.

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