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Fiid - 100% Plant-Based Meals in Minutes!

Fiid's range of versatile plant-based meals are ready in minutes and can be consumed on their own or used as a base for other vegetables, Pasta, Rice & Noodles. In today's modern and hectic world many of us have so much going on that when it comes to cooking, we simply grab whatever is quick. Except, what’s quick isn't always the best for us right? This is where Fiid comes in; a gamechanger when it comes to prepping everyday meals. 

What are examples of Fiid foods?

They bring together natures best vegetables, legumes and spices, craft them into truly crave worthy plant based meals and serve them in the single most convenient format possible. These include wholefood dishes like Fiid Smoky Black Bean Chilli 400g but without the mess or prep it takes to cook it from scratch.

What makes Fiid stand out?

Fresh ingredients are placed within the Fiid pouch, which are promptly sealed and then gently cooked to perfection in a hot water bath. This extends the shelf life of each meal naturally, without any additives or preservatives which means that Fiid can be stored in your pantry, ready for when you need it.

Are Fiid foods gluten free?

All Fiid plant-based meals are certified Gluten Free by ALS laboratories. All ingredients are naturally gluten-free too, and Fiid bowls are made on a gluten-free line in a Kitchen to avoid the risk of cross-contamination.

Why should I choose Fiid foods?

Made using only natural plant based ingredients, packed full of vegetables and stored in your cupboard or pantry (for up to 18 monthsFiid foods are the perfect partner for a busy, fast paced life.