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Esti - Greek Olives, Oils & Spreads

Esti was established by the Plemmenos brothers, in 1912, in Kalamata. Olive growing, in Greece, started mostly on small family estates, where a particular relationship is built between the olive growers and the olives, with respect and care as predominant features. It is a loving relationship that bears precious fruits and from this Esti was born.

More than any other Greek product, Olive oil has become synonymous not only with the Greek tradition but also with the nutritional habits and cultures of many other countries. Our Esti range of Greek olive foods allows you to embrace this culture, right in your very own home.

Why are kalamata olives so expensive?

Kalamata olives are typically more expensive than regular olives due to the way in which they are grown and prepared, using traditional Greek methods. They have a distinct taste and varying health benefits too, however with that said we believe Esti Organic Kalamata Olives 300g are competitively priced.

Does Esti olive oil contain cholesterol?

Esti Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil 500ml is Cholesterol free.

Can I use olive spread instead of butter?

Esti Organic Kalamata Olive Spread 100g is certainly better for you than butter, making it a great addition to your morning toast.

How long does Esti Olive Oil last?

It naturally lasts for a very long time - about 18 months if stored correctly. Olive oil retains its healthy properties due to the presence of natural Antioxidants.