Equinox Kombucha

Equinox Kombucha

Equinox Kombucha: The UK’s First B Corp Organic Kombucha.

Equinox Organic Kombucha is an amazing fermented soft drink that’s made from Chun Mee Green Tea, raw cane Sugar and a live culture called a ‘SCOBY’ (Symbiotic Culture of Bacteria and Yeast). Equinox craft brew their Kombucha over a number of weeks, the good old fashioned way, sticking to a traditional Eastern recipe. This gives the SCOBY time to grow on top of the Tea, creating the naturally occurring organic acids, VitaminsAntioxidants, enzymes and good bacteria as it ferments.

Is Equinox Kombucha unpasteurized?

Yes! All our Equinox Kombucha products (below) are raw and unpasteurised.

Is Kombucha vegan?

Yes! Equinox Kombucha is suitable for a vegan diet.

Is Equinox Kombucha healthy?

Yes, we think so! Equinox Kombucha is packed with natural Vitamins and good bacteria, making it ideal for good Digestion & Gut Health.

How should Kombucha be consumed?

Equinox Kombucha recommends that you drink their Kombucha chilled, straight from the fridge.

What is good to mix with kombucha?

Equinox Kombucha can be used in smoothies, cocktails & mocktails or as a mixer. You can even use it in salad dressings and Baking too!

Is Kombucha really good for you?

Kombucha has a well-deserved reputation for working wonders on the Mind and Body, which is probably why it’s often referred to as the ‘Tea of Immortality’. And while we can’t guarantee that Equinox Kombucha will provide you with immortality, it should certainly leave you feeling wonderfully revitalised - think of it as a healthy little pick-me-up

How often should you drink kombucha?

Equinox Kombucha recommends you take the nutritional content into consideration to suit your diet. However, they tend to agree that having 1 or 2 a day is more than sufficient.

How much caffeine is in Equinox kombucha?

A tiny amount. Most of the caffeine in Equinox Kombucha is naturally removed by the fermentation process leaving 2.7mg per 100ml of kombucha which equates to 7.43mg per 275ml bottle. For comparison, 275ml of Green Tea contains around 40mg and the same amount of Coffee around 110mg.

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