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Drink 420

Drink 420

Drink 420 - A range of beverages infused with 15mg hemp CBD.

Drink 420 is a range of Beverages infused with 15mg Hemp CBD (Cannabidiol). Each mouth-watering drink (below), is more than just a refreshment but rather a solution to help you through that unwanted situation. It’s the opposite of a Coffee, making Drink 420 something to help you unwind without those jitters.

What is CBD? Is it legal?

CBD, or Cannabidiol, is the 2nd most abundant chemical found in the marijuana plant. Drink 420's CBD is derived from all-natural, agricultural hemp grown in Colorado, USA, and since it lacks the psycho active properties of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), it is legal and won’t get you high.

When should I consume Drink 420?

Drink 420 is the beverage of choice at 4:20pm, helping you to unwind from your working day.

How much of Drink 420 can I consume a day?

It is recommended that you should take no more than 200mg of CBD a day. With this in mind you should not look to consume more than 3 cans of Drink 420 per day.

How will I feel after a can of Drink 420?

Drink 420 is about delivering the health benefits of cannabis without any of the high, however they do not make any medical claims with regards to their products.