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cbdMD - Premium CBD Wellness Products

cbdMD leads the industry in premium CBD. Not only do they strive for transparency and brand awareness, they double-check and triple-check their efforts to bring you the highest-quality CBD. This all starts with premium, high-quality hemp sourced from the United States of America. They then process raw hemp through their state-of-the-art labs and production facilities, resulting in a selection of superior CBD products. 

What makes cbdMD stand out?

They were the first company in the CBD market to have space in the US Stock Exchange. They do things differently too. Step by step, they make sure that their manufacturing processes follow only the strictest of standards. Even before you see cbdMD on our website, you can rest assured that each product has gone through a rigorous test with third-party, ISO-certified labs. 

How did cbdMD begin?

The brand was founded by Scott Coffman in August 2017 in Charlotte, North Carolina, U.S.A. A year later, on the 31st August 2018, cbdMD reported a revenue of 3.2 million US dollars. By October of that same year, monthly sales exceeded $1 million, and by the end of it, in December 2018, cbdMD was acquired by Level Brands Inc. in a stock deal valued at the time of up to $119.85 million. Level Brands continue to own and operate this internationally recognised consumer CBD brand.

Who is sponsored by cbdMD?

In May 2019, the famous American golfer Bubba Watson made a brand endorsement deal with cbdMD. Since then, they have gone on to sign exclusive partnerships with the likes of Noah Ohlsen, Annie Thorisdottir, Brent Fikowski and Justin Medeiros, who alone, are four major CrossFit Games athletes with a combined following of more than five million followers on a highly popular social media platform. cbdMD is also a proud partner of Supercross and Bellator MMA.

Who is their target audience?

They provide a wealth of alternative options for those seeking a new outlook on everyday wellness. From world-class athletes to world-renowned brands, cbdMD have worked hard to create a culture that allows everyone to experience the positive results of Superior Broad Spectrum CBD products. By aligning with athletes and forging health-minded partnerships, cbdMD have developed a unique opportunity for everyone to experience a new sense of wellness. Through their support, and cbdMD’s attention to every little detail, they’re redefining the industry standard. With this in mind, their superior CBD products aren't just for superior athletes but for anyone longing for a high quality & superior CBD supplement.

What do cbdMD produce?

They specialise in producing superior consumer CBD products, such as tinctures, oils, creams, gummies and vape juice. These products use 100% all-natural CBD, which is extracted from non-GMO and organic hemp grown in the U.S.A.