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Bubbl & Co

Bubbl & Co

Excellent Effervescent Tablets From Nature

Bubbl & Co offer the very best effervescent tablets with the help of nature's greatest ingredients, which give you top results anywhere you go. The Bubbl & Co founders wanted more drive, a deeper sleep, stronger immunity and a clearer focus but they couldn’t find what they were looking for, so made it themselves. Natural drinks using no nasties, in a high absorbing form with a whole lot of love.

Are Effervescent Tablets Good For You?

These natural effervescent tablets are designed to help you function. From a restful night's sleep to a morning pick me up the very next day, these fruity and vegan friendly ‘Bubbls’ put some much needed fizz back into your life.

What Makes Bubbl & Co Stand Out?

The co, in Bubbl & Co is a nod for what they want their brand to stand for, win-win. If they can add value to your life through their products, together they can add value to millions through the basic human right of clean drinking water. Access to clean water enables education, income opportunities and health - especially for women and children. However, 785 million people in the world live without access to clean water. That's 1 in 10 people worldwide or ten times the population of the UK. Bubbl & Co want to be more than just a  business, they want to be a vehicle for profit and positive change in the world.  They exist to add value to their customers and make a real dent in this serious water problem. Every tube you buy, Bubbl & Co give a week's worth of clean drinking water to those who need it.

How Did The Bubbl & Co Brand Start?

Bubbl & Co was founded by Benjamin Hopkins who lived and worked in London but was unsatisfied by the effervescent tablets his clients and co-workers would drink to combat an impending hangover. Right from a very young age, sporty Ben was always a firm believer that what you put in your body would ultimately have a positive or negative effect on your performance. With the ever hectic London lifestyle beginning to catch up on him, Ben decided to create his own natural potion, which tasted awful but proved to have a fantastic effect. He wondered if he could create such a potion in the form of a better tasting effervescent tablet and quit his job, launching ‘BioOnics’, which would later go on to become Bubbl & Co. A year and a half of trial and error, pitching with no products, failing tablet tests, and figuring out how to get the brand off the ground, he met a fantastic group of like-minded individuals that decided to back his business. Three uniquely different products later Bubbl & Co was finally ready to launch.

Who Is Bubbl & Co’s Target Audience?

If you’re fed up with ineffective immunity products or looking to replace that morning coffee to stop feeling so reliant on a big caffeine boost, Bubbl & Co can elevate your water with natural fruit flavours and nature's very best ingredients.