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Blue Pet Co

Blue Pet Co

Ireland’s No.1 Choice for Pet Nutrition

The Blue Pet Co. are a team of conscious entrepreneurs, scientists, and pet lovers who keep your dog's tail wagging from the Wild Atlantic Coast of Ireland. With a real determination to make an impact on the world we live in, they accept the ocean's gifts humbly and gratefully, and apply some of the best minds in the world to transform them into a range of functional Supplements for your dog.

What Does the Blue Pet Co. produce?

They offer a range of clean, marine powered nutritional supplements tailored to meet your dog’s specific health needs. Each formula is unique, enriched in organic Seaweed complexes & micronutrients, and are carefully formulated to benefit your dog’s fur, skin, teeth, Joints & Bones.

Is Seaweed Powder Good for Dogs?

Seaweeds and algae are recognised across the world as a highly nutritious superfood, and are just as beneficial for animals as humans. Seaweed captures carbon and purifies the ocean. It also contains health-giving bioactive molecules that can benefit dogs. 

What Makes the Blue Pet Co. stand out?

They believe in a circular business model that is sustainable, regenerative, and impactful. They take a science-led systems approach to pet health, wellness, Energy & Vitality, and their nutraceutical products are bio-designed, taking cues from animal physiology. The result is a proprietary nutrient blend and various formulas, which combine synergistic nutrients and bioactive ingredients that respond to specific dog health requirements.

Do Dogs Need Supplements?

Each dog has its own dietary needs and, even with a clean, healthy diet and lifestyle, just like humans, sometimes dogs need a little extra boost to ensure they're getting all the nutrients they need to remain flying fit. That's where the Blue Pet Co. comes in.