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Bio & Me

Bio & Me

Bio & Me - Gut Healthy Granola

The Bio & Me range of 'gut-loving prebiotic granolas' are packed with plant-based goodness that are officially approved as good for your gut. Bio & Me believe that eating deliciously diverse foods is the key to good gut health. This is why their Granola range is packed with 15 fabulous fruits, vegetables, wholegrains, legumes, Nuts & Seeds, which gives your biome the diversity it loves to help it thrive.

What is my biome?

Your biome is central to the community of trillions of microbes, including good bacteria, that live within you. It's totally unique to you and it works hard to keep you healthy. You can look after your biome by eating plenty of plant-based foods (approximately 30 different plant-based foods every week).

What is a prebiotic fibre?

A prebiotic is essentially Food that feeds your beneficial microbes. Most prebiotics are a type of dietary fibre, but to gain the title of a prebiotic, it must prove it has a health benefit in scientific trials. Bio & Me Granolas contain prebiotic fibres for their range of health benefits, such as improving Blood Sugar Control and appetite regulation to Immune Support, bone health and Skin health.

Can my child eat Bio & Me Granolas?

Yes! Bio & Me Granolas are a perfect no-added-sugar breakfast choice for children and around half of their daily fibre intake per serving. They’ll also be getting 15 different types of plant-based foods without even knowing it!

Is Bio & Me vegan?

Yes! Bio & Me Granolas are 100% plant-based, suitable for vegans and vegetarians.

Where are Bio & Me Granolas made?

Bio & Me Granolas are made in small batches in England (Chester & London) to help you maintain your Gut Health.