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Bio-Kult - Unique Live Bacteria Food Supplements

Bio-Kult has been the UK's leading live bacteria supplement for more than twenty-five years. Not only has this multi-award winning range been created by five doctors, four technical advisers, and ten nutritional advisers, it is also used by the NHS!

What is bio Kult used for?

Bio-Kult is a range of unique, Gluten Free probiotic Supplements, which have been specifically formulated to help maintain a healthy digestive system and provide Immune Support.

Can you take Bio-Kult everyday?

Bio-Kult is a completely safe probiotic, with no contraindications. You can take it twice daily with food or split the recommended dose between two meals.

What makes the Bio Kult brand stand out?

They are a well renowned brand that has been awarded the prestigious Queen's Award in England. They are innovative and believe that their products can help and significantly improve your health and wellbeing.

Who is Bio Kult's target audience?

This line of live bacteria supplements is suitable for the whole family. They have been specifically created to tackle and help in unique problems that we all encounter in our everyday life. These may include head problems, an intimate flora or urinary tract issues.