Ben & Anna Deodorants

Ben & Anna Deodorants

Ben & Anna Deodorants: 0% Aluminium. 100% Natural Origin.

Ben & Anna Deodorants are based solely on all natural ingredients, are free of parabens, and are not tested on animals. Each natural Deodorant stick has a solid consistency thanks to the inclusion of soda and Shea Butter.

Ben & Anna Deodorants go on smooth and are never greasy or sticky. They are specifically formulated to ensure that your Skin smells and feels great!

Who are Ben & Anna?

As a strict vegan couple, Ben & Anna have always paid close attention to what they have consumed. They had long been searching for a suitable deodorant for the two of them to use but could simply never find it. Ben & Anna wanted a deodorant that was vegan friendly and not tested on animals. They also wanted a deodorant without aluminum but at the time, this proved extemely difficult to find. After a long time living the good life in Berlin, Germany Ben & Anna made the decision to leave the urban jungle behind them and develop their own deodorant range which can be used by men and women alike.

Are Ben & Anna deodorants cruelty free?

Yes! As manufacturers, Ben & Anna do not carry out any animal tests on their deodorants, or have any animal tests carried out by others.

Which ingredients are responsible for both the deodorising & drying effects?

Ben & Anna Natural Deodorants use the natural deodorising effects of bicarbonate of soda, while Arrow root powder ensures that excess moisture is absorbed and your armpit remains dry.

Should I store my Ben & Anna deodorant stick any differently to regular deodorants?

Since Ben & Anna do not use any chemical stabilisers, it is advised to store your Ben & Anna deodorant stick at room temperature. High temperatures tend to soften the product, so if it liquefies, try placing it in the refrigerator for a short period of time.

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