Baj's Blazin Hot Sauce

Baj's Blazin Hot Sauce: Add some spice to your life.

Baj’s Blazin’ Hot Sauce make great tasting Sauces with heat that everyone can enjoy. As ​the brainchild of Jugpreet ‘Baj' and Jot ‘Smokin’ Sister' Sandhu, Baj’s Blazin’ Hot Sauce comes from a 25+ year old family recipe, with each sauce named after a member of their family.

Where are Baj’s Blazin’ Hot Sauces made?

Baj’s Blazin’ Hot Sauces are made in Greenwich, London, UK.

What are the types of hot sauce?

There are four different types of Baj's Blazin Hot & Hand Made Small Batch Sauces, which are all inspired by the producers Punjabi roots. These include Baj's Blazin Hot Sauce - Smokin' Sister 240g, Baj's Blazin Hot Sauce - Mum's Mango 240gBaj's Blazin Hot Sauce - Dad's Original 240g and Baj's Blazin Hot Sauce - Family Fire 240g.

What does hot sauce taste good on?

You may wish to add your preferred Baj’s Blazin’ Hot Sauce to Soup, vegetables or a variety of meat-based dishes.

What are the best hot sauces?

Here at Natures Healthbox we won't go as far as to tell you what the best hot sauce is, because after all what may tickle the taste buds of one individual may not for another. However, Baj’s Blazin’ Hot Sauce believe that you haven't had a good hot sauce until you’ve had one of there's, and we find it difficult to disagree with them.

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