Babease Baby Food

Babease Baby Food

Babease: Food for babies. Not baby food.

As one of Britain's best loved Babease stockists, Natures Healthbox have you covered when it comes to getting the right Food to you and your little ones. Babease  were born from a desire to understand more about what we as parents feed our babies, and to provide further support to these little ones as they take their first exciting steps into the world of delicious food. 

Are baby pouches healthy?

It is widely agreed by those in the know that pouches can be a good addition to a healthy diet as long as your baby is also getting food off a spoon, moving on to finger foods as they develop their motor skills. All Babease products (below) are vegetable-led and include premium organic ingredients sourced from the UK, with the exception of Coconut Water, for which Babease seek from sunnier climates. Stage 1 (+4 months) products are designed to be gentle on the tummy, while textured Stage 2 (+7 month) products incorporate a wider range of ingredients.

What are the first foods for baby?

Babease believe that when you start to introduce solid foods to your baby, it’s really important to start with vegetables in as much variety as you can. Introducing the more bitter tasting vegetables such as kale or broccoli may need more perseverance than the easily accepted sweet tasting vegetables, such as carrots and sweet potato.

Why is it important to start with vegetables?

Studies have shown that babies who eat a wide variety of vegetables during complementary feeding go on eat more vegetables in later childhood (up to 7 years) than those that don’t.

What fruit should baby eat first?

Bananas and mango are always a popular choice, and in particular a banana could be introduced to your baby from as little as 4 months of age. Bananas are sweet, easily mashed, and can be served on their own or with other ingredients.

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