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Naturally Evolving Dental Products

AloeDent is one of the biggest ranges of Dental Care on the natural market, who offer a wide range of naturally inspired oral care products. Each product uses naturally active Aloe Vera juice as an ingredient to replace water which is often used as a solvent in other Toothpaste products

Who owns Aloe Dent?

AloeDent is made by Optima Health & Nutrition - the same company behind the popular Australian Tea Tree and Aloe Pura brands. Optima provides the natural choice for a healthier lifestyle, and since 1994, have  used the finest raw materials, along with the latest research to do so. As a leader in the natural products industry, they are always looking to develop new products to maintain product diversity and consistent product evolution.

Is aloe vera good for your teeth?

Aloe Vera can help to soothe gums and leave your mouth feeling naturally fresh, clean and invigorated. For more information on the purported health benefits of Aloe Vera, please read our blog 'The Health Benefits of Aloe Vera'

Does Aloe Dent have fluoride?

This line of revolutionary products for oral hygiene is available in both fluoride and fluoride free alternatives. They all have incredible antibacterial properties too, and an instantaneous emollient effect that ensures noticeably visible benefits.

How can AloeDent support my teeth & gums?

With regular use, and as part of a proper oral hygiene programAloeDent may provide valuable support in the fight against tooth cavities and gum disease within a natural way. In addition, AloeDent has been specifically formulated to balance the oral cavity’s pH at least for 5 hours, meaning your teeth are protected between each and every application.