New Year, New You ?

 New Year New You

A New Years resolution is a tradition in which a person makes a promise to begin an act of self improvement starting on New Years Day. We are led to believe that over 50% fail in the first week which, if true is sad. Research shows that there is a greater success rate if you make your goal public and get support from your family and friends.


There are so many choices for a New Years Resolution but the most popular tend to be about losing weight, a change of lifestyle or quitting a bad habit !  Why not make a resolution that can benefit both yourself and your friends and family as well as benefitting the environment?  The staff at Natures Healthbox would like to suggest that you commit to using natural products this year and actively encourage your friends and family to follow suit. Here are some ways you could achieve this:


  • Buy our natural cleaning and laundry products and reduces exposure to harsh and potentially harmful chemicals that are often used in commercial cleaning products.
  • Use our natural skin products, we have a wide range suitable both for adults and children as well as those with sensitive, allergy prone skin.
  • Introduce the younger members of the family to natural products such as biodegradable nappies and organic formula milk.
  • Consider using some of our products to boost your immune system such as Echinacea and try to minimise the risk of contracting the Winter colds and flu that we so often succumb to.
  • Many of you will be embarking on strict diets and may find themselves lacking in various nutrients and vitamins. All of our products have a full description explaining how to use and possible benefits.
  • What about making your own yoghurt - we sell everything you need to start ?
  • Allow yourself to be tempted by our range of foodstuffs including specific produce for those with food intolerances such as gluten or dairy.  We stock a full range of healthy snacks, cereals, jams, honey and natural confectionery.
  • Experience the health benefits of coconut and olive oil.
  • Finally we know you all love your pets and want the best for them so don't forget to look at our range of natural, organic pet foods.


We hope you will let Natures Healthbox be a part of your 2014 New Year a Resolution and do let us know how you get on !!