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Menopause literally means the end of monthly cycles and usually starts around the age of 50 but may be earlier due to such things as surgical intervention, chemotherapy or radiotherapy. It is an unavoidable stage in every woman’s life but no two people are alike and symptoms and coping mechanisms vary tremendously.

We have a vision that in time all women will be able to embrace the menopause rather than just suffer its symptoms that include irregular heavy periods, hot flushes, night sweats, sleep difficulties and mood swings.

As we get older our hormone levels decrease and this causes a lot of the symptoms. Oestrogen protects against bone loss and therefore women are more prone to developing osteoporosis (brittle bones) and increased likelihood of damage to bones or even fractures.

Some women choose to see their doctor in order to obtain HRT hormone therapy which usually does help decrease symptoms but has side effects including a possible link with some types of breast cancer. The doctor will also probably advise you to adopt a healthy diet and take regular exercise to avoid weight gain as you are more likely to develop chronic conditions such as heart disease after the menopause.

You might like to consider some alternative remedies to reduce symptoms and help you feel better in yourself – these include the following :

You may like to look at our range of Menopause support products on the website or visit our shop in Brighton. Please let us know which products you find most helpful.