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The 10 Best Vegan Blogs of 2020

vegan bloggers

When many people take the switch to a vegan diet, the biggest struggle is understanding alternative meals they can try, perfect for evening dinners, office lunches and healthy breakfasts. Well anyone considering the switch or simply looking for some culinary inspiration should take a close look at our favourite UK vegan blogs of 2020.

1) Tin And Thyme

tin and tyme

Choclette has made some absolutely scrumptious dishes over the years, however our favourite one so far is all the way back in 2016 when she created the remarkable rhubarb cake, where the ‘tartness of the rhubarb dances on the tongue’. Despite being a blogger for many years, that hasn’t slowed her down, with consistent gorgeous dishes coming out for you to try.

2) Oh She Glows

oh she glows

Angela is an award winning blogger, while her books have been printed highlighting her spectacular culinary plant based dishes. If you want to know the dish we’re most inspired about, we’re caught between her vegan chili with homemade sour cream or her flawless kale chips, both are easy to make and hard to beat in the kitchen, making it perfect for anyone looking for inspiration in the kitchen.

3) Simply Sensational Food

simply food

Nayna Kanabar is a veteran of the vegan blogging world, an absolute expert that other vegan bloggers could learn from, offering both recipes and guidance on the benefits of food types. Our favourite dish? It has to be the chilli garlic mogo, something we hadn’t heard of before visiting Simply Sensational Food, but now absolutely love.

4) The Full Helping

the full helping

What I love the most about The Full Helping is that Gena has it spot on and knows it is more than just recipe lists and cook books, she has taken a step back and provided advice and information on everything associated, from nutrition and dietary requirements to mental wellbeing. I’m a little caught between two for my favourite dish, as I do love a curry so the golden butternut squash and chickpea curry went down a treat! However my favourite has to go for one I wasn’t aware of before, cashew cheese.

5) The Stingy Vegan

stingy vegan

An initial problem many people I know had when switching to a vegan diet was that they expected it to be cheap, however for many it was far from it, yet this can regularly come down to a lack of knowledge over what to buy or what to cook. Melissa does an amazing job of highlighting recipes and dishes that will leave you feeling full and satisfied without breaking the bank. I especially love the ‘cost per serving’ applied on the posts, helping you to clearly work out your weekly food shop costs. At the end of the day, a vegan diet is far from expensive, with all the hefty prices of meat reduced, all it takes is a little bit of guidance, so look no further.

6) Vegan Richa

vegan richa

Oh Richa, I am an Indian food obsessive so your dishes have brought me much joy! With a powerful YouTube channel alongside to help you visualise the dish before you get cooking, you can take your pick from her channels you want to learn from. As for my favourite dish, it’s potentially the chana dal split chickpea soup, although her chickpea sweet potato spinach curry is a close match!

7) Easy Cheesy vegetarian

easy cheesy

Formerly known as Amuse Your Bouche, Becca has brought a huge amount of joy to people around the world who have tried and loved her many dishes. But I like the way writes non-judgemental guides on how to do some of the basics to perfection, from how to make the perfect baked potato to cooking halloumi in the best way. Of course, I have to quickly mention her divine buttery chateau potatoes.

8) Tinned Tomatoes

tinned tomatoes

I love the story behind the blog, where most of her dishes started with tinned tomatoes, so she kept the name as a reminder to always try to be more creative. Jacqueline also speaks in deep detail about the 5:2 diet, something I tried and failed at a couple of years ago, but I doth my cap to anyone who succeeds, apparently my stomach won’t allow it. Our favourite dish, well, in the office it was the moist chocolate after eight cake, which was eaten incredibly quickly, but my personal favourite has to be either the Staffordshire oatcakes or the spicy bean burgers.

9) Pickles & Honey

pickles honey

Pickles and Honey is a great combination of Amanda making her delicious recipes as a culinary nutritionist, with Aaron the photographer and designer. Her triple stacked no-bake vegan oreo cheesecake will have your mouth watering and your belly rumbling with a rich and creamy vanilla cheesecake filling. Having been around since 2011, Pickles N Honey has stood the test of time and long may it continue!

10) Nirvana Cakery

nirvana cakery

Hana is another great blogger who looks beyond the recipes and will also share a story or an idea or though-track around wellbeing, which is unsurprising considering her training as a yoga instructor. She makes a beautiful raw vegan strawberry tart, however my heart goes out to the apple, pear and blackberry crumble. My little sister always used to make crumble in our household growing up, so the moment I saw this recipe I had to give it a go!