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The best teething products for babies 

Teething can be a difficult and challenging time for both parents and baby. Crying, irritability and noticeable change in a baby's Mood can often prove distressing for a baby, especially without the right sort of teething product, which can at least provide some sort of soothing comfort. The natural & organic range of teething products from Natures Healthbox work fast and effectively to provide your baby with effective pain relief during the five stages of teething.

What are the teething stages?

  1. Stage one (between 0-6 months) sees babies born with a full set of 20 teeth beneath their gums.
  2. Stage two will be when the first upper & lower front teeth (or incisors) erupt at approximately 6 months.
  3. Stage three sees the primary molars erupt at 10-14 months.
  4. Stage four sees the canine teeth erupt at 16-22 months.
  5. Stage five sees the large molars erupt at 25-33 months.

How long does teething last for?

Teething generally lasts for approximately eight days and tends to cause irritation around the point a baby's tooth is due to break through their gums. 

What works best for teething babies?

If you've tried all the cold foods or teething rings, toys and biscuits you can muster with little effect, then it may be time to consider Ashton & Parsons Infant Teething Powder 20 Sachets or Nelsons Teetha Teething Granules 24 Sachets.

What teething gel is safe for babies?

You may wish to try Nelsons Teetha Teething Gel 15g.