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Formula Milk

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Formula Milk

The best of baby & infant formula

It is recommended that babies be breastfed exclusively for at least six months, however for those women who are unable to breastfeed or decide not to, then Formula Milk is the next best thing. Our extensive range of the best formula milk for babies stand alongside a selection of the finest growing up milks for toddlers, which are all made from the finest natural & organic ingredients. With brands ranging from NANNYcare, Hipp Organic and Holle, you are sure to find a Formula Milk that your baby will enjoy!

What is formula milk made of?

Formula Milk is based on skimmed & processed, Goat Milk baby formula or Cow’s Milk. Many of the very best baby milk formula products also include added ingredients, such as Vitamins, Prebiotics, and Essential Fatty Acids.

Can I keep my baby on Stage 1 formula?

Stage One formulas are specifically formulated for new-borns and are the closest formula to breast milk. Your baby can continue to consume stage 1 formula until their first birthday.

When do you switch to Stage 2 formula?

Stage Two formulas are usually given to those ‘hungrier babies', and tend to take long to digest than first milk formulas. From 6 months, you may choose to put your baby on to a stage 2 formula, however don't need to necessarily change to stage 2.

Should I put my baby on Follow-on milk?

Follow On formulas usually contain increased levels of Iron, and while it is not necessary for a baby to move on to these types of formulas, they are designed for babies between 6-12 months.

Can you mix breast milk with formula?

Yes, this is known as combination feeding. It usually takes several weeks for a mother and her baby to both feel confident & happy with breastfeeding. However, once both have got used to it, it could be possible to offer baby bottles of formula milk alongside breastfeeding.