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Baby Wipes

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Baby Wipes

Baby & Toddler Wipes offer gentle cleaning for your baby's sensitive skin, when you're out and about or simply relaxing at home. Always be prepared and on hand with our selection of the best baby wipes around.

What are baby wipes good for?

Pure baby wipes are suitable for use on the bottoms, fingers and faces of your little ones'. 

What are the best baby wipes for newborns?

WaterWipes Pack of 4 - 240 Wipes are exceptionally safe for new-born babies, toddlers and beyond!

Are baby wipes antibacterial?

No! In nearly all cases, baby wipes do not need to be antibacterial because it isn't necessary to keep your baby clean & safe, when a simple soak in a bath will suffice. What's more is most antibacterial products feature alcohol or chemicals that would undoubtedly irritate a baby's sensitive skin. Many of our mild, gentle and biodegradable baby wipes are flushable, free from chemicals, and therefore look after your baby as much as they do our environment.

Do adults use baby wipes?

Yes! Our selection of baby wipes are fine for adults to use too!