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What are peanuts?

Peanuts are a popular staple in many Western cuisines or as a stand-alone snack, where they are often bagged and presented with an additional salt content for added taste. Despite belonging to the single plant, Leguminosae family (which include peas & beans), peanuts have a similar taste and nutritional profile to WalnutsAlmonds, and Hazelnuts

Is it good to eat peanuts everyday?

Being that peanuts are a high-calorie Food it's important to note that you should consume them in moderation. However, with that said, peanuts are could play an important role within a strict Slimming & Weight Loss plan if utilised correctly.

What are the benefits of eating peanuts?

Despite being widely known for their high calorie profile, peanuts also contain high traces of PotassiumMagnesiumPhosphorous, and B Vitamins. They are highly regarded for being a good source of protein too, and of course are the key ingredient of the ever popular Peanut Butter.