Digestive Aids

Digestive Aids

The dynamic break down of Food is necessary for the release of vital nutrients, which are then absorbed through a complex biochemical process and transported along the gut wall. When food is not digested correctly it moves into the large bowel where bacteria causes it to ferment - this usually causes bloating or trapped windNatures Healthbox have a variety of premium digestive aid Supplements that improve Digestion and reduce toxicity within your Body.

How do I get rid of bad bacteria in my gut?

Believe it or not but high levels of Stress are not only hard on the body but hard on the gut too, so trying to reduce the amount of stressful situations in your daily life may contribute to a reduction in bad bacteria within your gut. Eating slowly, staying hydrated and taking a Prebiotic or Probiotic may also have a significant impact in the reduction of bad bacteria.

Is apple cider vinegar good for gut health?

Apple Cider Vinegar prevents the overgrowth of bad bacteria, which has lead to many nutritionists & herbal practitioners recommending for gut inflammation.

What helps digestion after eating?

A regular consumption of Mineral Water, fresh vegetables and foods high in fibre are all essential ways to maintain optimum digestive health.

What drinks help digestion?

Other than the aforementioned water, you may wish to improve you digestive health by consuming Coffee (hot), Kombucha, and Herbal Tea containing PeppermintGinger or Fennel.

Do digestive aids work?

Digestive aids are designed to help your body break down food and absorb essential nutrients while minimising gas and bloating. They also provide Liver Support and are very beneficial for the bowels.

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