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What is rose?

There are many varieties of the rose flower, with the most common seen in gardens around the UK or on Valentines Day. Rose petals are used in the Beauty & Skincare business as they have a distinctive and pleasant scent.

What does rose water do for you face?

A rose water like Absolute Aromas Organic Rose Floral Water 100ml or Steenbergs Organic Rose Water 100ml can be used to hydrate the Skin or your Face and reduce the appearance of temporary redness. Rose water may also minimize the appearance of large pores and balance the skin's natural oils.

What are the benefits of drinking rose tea?

By consuming rose tea you are providing your Body with a good source of Antioxidants that should help to protect it from cell damage. Some studies also suggest that the antioxidant-rich polyphenols in rose tea may even promote Heart Health and reduce the risk of obesity, while research published in the Iranian Journal of Basic Medical Sciences indicate that rose tea can be used to encourage a peaceful night's Sleep.

*Looking for rose tea? Why not try Yogi Tea Rose Organic Tea 17 Bags.

Is Rose soap good for skin?

Yes, we think so! A rose infused Soap bar, such as Dr Bronner's Organic Rose Soap Bar 140g, offers all the antibacterial, anti-fungal and antiviral properties of the rose,  which makes it not only ideal for cleansing but also a potential topical treatment for skin irritations.