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Raw Sweeteners

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Raw Sweeteners

Our range of ravishing raw sweeteners have been derived naturally from plants. These low-glycemic sweeteners range from coconut palm sugar to stevia as well as vegan, organic, vegan, non GMO and gluten free options.

What is raw sweetener?


A raw sweetener is a food product presented to the consumer in its natural state, or with very little processing, and at a temperature of approximately 40 degrees celsius or lower. Raw sweeteners are usually made from one natural ingredient but some feature as many as four. The best example of a raw sweetener would be Honey, as no heat is required during its production, and though some commercial brands are pasteurised, most honey’s will state that they are ‘raw’ on their label.

What's healthier maple syrup or honey?


Maple Syrup tends to have more of the minerals; Zinc, Iron and Magnesium compared to honey, which do great things for the body, however while maple syrup may be pure and unprocessed, it is not raw because it is extracted with heat.

Is coconut palm sugar healthy?


Coconut palm sugar, such as Organic Traditions Gluten Free Coconut Palm Sugar 200g, is a natural, plant-based sweetener that contains a small amount of inulin. This type of soluble fibre makes post-meal blood sugar spikes less likely and energy levels up

Which is better: stevia or sugar?


Stevia. It's free of calories and carbohydrates, making it the perfect sugar alternative for those individuals on low-carb or calorie diets.