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Cat Food

Cat Food

We have the 'purrfect' selection of naturally tasty cat foods, which are tailored to meet your cat's needs. So if it's their first kitten food you're looking for or an adult variation for those more mature cats, then Natures Healthbox has you covered.

What food is best for cats?


Simple, wholesome, recipes that provide maximum nutrition from natural ingredients. And while cats derive most of their nutrition from meat, a bit of extra goodness in the form of herbs, berries & vegetables won't hurt too.

Is organic food good for cats?


Yes. Organic cat foods, such as Edgar & Cooper, are full of healthy ingredients that are ideal for all-round good health and balancing out your cat's weight.

How often should a cat eat?


From 6 months to early adulthood, the majority of cats tend to eat 2 times a day. When a cat becomes a fully fledged adult they may only eat once a day or continue to eat twice a day. You will however need to decrease the recommended daily amounts for adult cats compared to those portions served for kittens. This is because kittens have a higher calorie requirement than adult cats.

What times should I feed my cat?


Ideally, if your cat consumes two meals a day they should be twelve hours apart.