Love Kombucha Original Kombucha 500ml


Love Kombucha Original Kombucha 500ml

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Fermented Kombucha Drink

Love Kombucha Original Kombucha is a fermented beverage with a ‘appley’ taste that sits somewhere between apple cider vinegar and an a flat scrumpy cider. This refreshing and palate cleansing Drink only contains Green Tea kombucha, nothing added and nothing taken away!

  • 500ml.
  • No alcohol.
  • Fermented beverage.
  • May provide Immune Support.
  • Contains approximately 3 servings.
  • Shelf life: 2 years from date of bottling.
  • Presented in a high quality glass bottle.
  • With energising & detoxification properties.

Love Kombucha is also available in 3 alternative flavours:

Ginger Kombucha 500mlGinger & Lime Kombucha 500ml and Blueberry Kombucha 500ml.

Love Kombucha Original Kombucha is flat when bottled and carbonates naturally when stored at room temperature. It actually improves with age (much like a fine wine!) and can be drunk on its own or with some soda water if you prefer a milder taste and a bit more fizz.


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What is Kombucha?

Kombucha is a fermented beverage made by fermenting green, black, white or oolong tea with sugar and kombucha culture (a beige or white substance that is often referred to as 'SCOBY' - Symbiotic Culture of Bacteria & Yeasts). It is belived that kombucha was first introduced in China in 221 BC during the Tsin Dynasty.

How might a regular consumption of Kombucha benefit my body?

There are various health claims surrounding the potential benefits of kombucha (for weight loss, joint care, immune support & detoxification), however unlike fermented milk products, there is far less research on it to support these claims. What we do know is that after being fermented, kombucha has a very high concentration of beneficial acid; Lactic AcidAcetic AcidUsnic AcidOxalic AcidMalic AcidGluconic Acid and Butyric Acid. Along with a rich source of enzymes and Probiotics, these acids help support healthy Digestion.

Kombucha is also a fine source of Antioxidants and B-vitamins, which respectively help our Body to protect the cells against harmful free-radicals and turn Food into Energy.

Directions of use


Love Kombucha Original Kombucha can be consumed on its own or with some soda water if you prefer a milder taste and a bit more fizz.


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Filtered water, Organic Sugar (of which only traces remain in the finished product), Organic green tea and Kombucha culture (removed before bottling) .


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