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Bathroom & Toilet

Bathroom & Toilet

Shop Natural Bathroom & Toilet Products

Give your bathroom and toilet a deep clean with the Natures Healthbox range of naturally powerful cleaning products that provide sparkling results every time. These safe and versatile bathroom cleaners tackle even the most stubborn bath, basin, shower and toilet grime without soaking them in harmful toxic chemicals.

Honest cleaning doesn't have to be a chore.

What is the best eco friendly toilet cleaner UK?

You may wish to consider these top 5 eco friendly toilet cleaning products;

  1. Bio-D Toilet Cleaner 750ml.
  2. Ecover Power Toilet Cleaner 750ml.
  3. Ecozone Original Forever Flush Toilet Block - Twin Pack.
  4. Delphis Eco Professional Toilet & Limescale Cleaner 750ml.
  5. Marcel's Green Soap Orange & Jasmine Toilet Cleaner 750ml.

What natural products can I use to clean my shower?

You may wish to consider these top 5 natural products to clean your shower with;

  1. Method Daily Shower Spray Ylang Ylang 828ml.
  2. Attitude Citrus Zest Daily Shower Cleaner 800ml.
  3. Delphis Eco Professional Daily Shower Cleaner 700ml.
  4. Bentley Organic Shower and Bathroom Cleaner 500ml.
  5. Eco-Max Natural Spearmint Bathroom & Shower Cleaner 710ml.

What is the best natural bathroom cleaner?

Two of are most reviewed bathroom cleaning products both come from Method and include;

  1. Method Eucalyptus Mint Bathroom Cleaner 828ml.
  2. Method Anti-Bac Water Mint Bathroom Cleaner 828ml.

However, if you find yourself in a bit of a hurry with very little time to clean your bathroom quickly, then you may wish to consider Ecozone Fast Acting Bathroom Cleaner 500ml.