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Granola & Muesli

Granola & Muesli

Gluten Free Granola UK

Gluten Free Granola & Muesli offers those with special dietary requirements an alternative way to brighten up their breakfast! Made with the finest natural and organic ingredients, such as Dried Fruit, Nuts and Honey, the Natures Healthbox range of Gluten Free granola & muesli products make for the ideal guilt-free breakfast or snack.

Can Granola be gluten free?

Yes, absolutely! Unlike regular granola's which may be processed & packaged on the same machines as that contain gluten grains like wheat & Barley, our selection below have not and only contain gluten free base ingredients - nothing more, nothing less.

Is there a gluten free muesli?

Yes! You may wish to try Alara Gluten Free Fruity Oats Muesli 500g, Alara Organic Gluten Free Active Muesli 250g or Alara Gluten Free Fruit & Nut Luxury Muesli 475g.