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Best Gluten Free Bread UK

Crafting the ultimate sandwich with thick, fresh Bread is one of life's simple pleasures, and with the Natures Healthbox range of Gluten Free bread's, those with special dietary requirements need not miss out. So whether you prefer a classic white loaf, a scrumptious brown, or a bread with the added texture and crunch of Seeds, you'll be sure to find it here!

What is the difference between gluten free bread and regular bread?

Gluten Free Bread is just like traditional bread but made from naturally Gluten Free ingredients, like Buckwheat, Rice and Sunflower Seeds. To help the breads rise, many gluten free bread brands choose to use wheat and gluten free yeast, which also helps to give their bread-based products a light and rich flavour.

Is gluten-free bread high in salt?

No, the majority of our gluten free bread's (below) are actually low in Salt, Sugar and saturated fats. This means that they may also be suitable for those individuals looking to significantly reduce their daily salt & sugar intake.