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Jarred Fruit

Jarred Fruit

Jarred Fruit

Believe it or not jarred fruits can sometimes be just as nutritious than their fresh counterparts, which makes them a popular choice for adults and children alike, looking to increase their fruity '5-a-day' intake. If jarred in the right way during the production process (without the use of additional syrups or sugar), many jarred fruits retain their nutrients, as they are picked and packed at the height of their freshness.

Jarred fruits have the ability to make a recipe that extra bit healthier or simply act as a delicious side to your favourite Cakes, Desserts & Puddings

How to preserve fruit in a jar:

Many brands tend to preserve fruit in a jar using added Sugar, to ensure that the quality of their product is not compromised. Sugar helps fruits keep their bright colour and firm texture, however choosing high quality fruits to jar instead ensures that no added sugar is required. Instead, these fruits simply rely on their own natural sugar & juices to remain edible.