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Stir Fry & Oriental

Stir Fry & Oriental

Oriental Stir Fry Foods & Ingredients

Shop Stir Fry & Oriental food products online at Natures Healthbox and discover new tastes and flavours with no artificial ingredients. All of our listed products (below) are based on traditional recipes to give a truly authentic Asian cuisine taste.

Are stir fries Asian?

Stir frying originated in China but has since spread to other parts of Asia and across the world over recent centuries. This unique & popular method of cooking sees a small amount of ingredients fried in a wok with a very hot Cooking Oil.

What is the best oil to use in a wok?

A general rule of thumb is to always remember that stir frying oils require a high smoke point, so with this in mind look for a Peanut or grapeseed oil, like Meridian Natural Grapeseed Oil 500ml. These types of oils will also provide your stir fry with a low polyunsaturated fat content.

Is Asian tea good for you?

Yes, absolutely! Japanese teas, such as Clearspring Organic Japanese Green Tea Sencha 20 Tea Bags, offer a rich source of Antioxidants, which are known to have multiple health properties.

Are Asian soups good for you?

Yes! Asian soups, like Clearspring Organic Instant Miso Soup Paste - Ginger & Turmeric - 4 Sachets, are made from the finest natural ingredients which bring lots of warm flavour to each & every serving. Consume them in place of your regular snacks and you're a great way to maintain a healthy weight.

Is a stir fry healthy?

Yes, we think so! Stir-frying is quick, simple and only requires a little amount of oil, so the fat content is low.