Kombucha the 'Immortal Health Elixir'

Kombucha is a variety of fermented Drinks & Beverages produced by fermenting Tea, using a 'symbiotic colony' of friendly bacteria and yeast (SCOBY) with Sugar. Kombucha originated in China in the 3rd century B.C, then made its way to Japan where it became a predominant drink among the Samurai warriors. This naturally fermented, Probiotic beverage contains a huge number of beneficial chemical compounds, such as Amino Acids, enzymes & Antioxidants, with a rich source of the B Vitamins.

Booch or Mushroom Tea?

Kombucha (also known as booch or mushroom tea) is known by many different names but this age-old fermented tea drinks reputed health benefits have been touted for centuries. Kombucha is thought to support the body in various ways, offering Immune Support, increased Energy, improved Digestion, improved Mood, and a natural detoxification.

How much Kombucha should I consume?

Realistically you don't really need to consume more than a glass of Kombucha a day to get the positive health benefits (the recommended amount to take is approximately 3 litres a week). Everyone is different, and some individuals prefer to drink more Kombucha in a day, while others prefer to drink less. However as with all probiotics, the quantity of Kombucha required by the Body varies per person, so if you experience any adverse reactions you should look to limit your Kombucha consumption at first and then increase the amounts gradually, as the side effects (such as irregular bowel movements) wear off.

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