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Youth & Earth

Youth & Earth

Cutting Edge Supplements for Longevity

Youth & Earth are a trailblazing award winning supplement company who lead the way when it comes to supplying the UK and Europe with the biggest selection of NAD+ boosters. Not only do they pride themselves on being among those pioneering the anti-aging and longevity process, their cutting-edge products are designed to help sustain a fit and active lifestyles.

What is NAD+ and what is its function?

NAD+ is a naturally occurring molecule found in every cell of the body and the SIRT gene, one of the four pathways to longevity, requires NAD+ for activation. Cellular energy increases as a result of high levels of NAD+ in the body. That cellular energy becomes the fuel of life, which powers the heart, brain and protects us against DNA damage. The body doesn’t have an endless supply of NAD+ and levels decrease as we get older.

What makes Youth and Earth stand out?

They base their products on the most cutting edge research, and bioavailability is at the core of what makes them effective. Complete transparency has always been a priority for Youth & Earth, which is why the company endeavours to ensure all new supplements have clear third-party test results available on their website. They have also recently started working with Edinburgh University, which opened a specialist Youth & Earth laboratory where those students studying for a master’s degree could focus on the research and development within the supplement and healthcare sector. And as part of its aim to leave the planet a better place, their packaging continues to be recyclable and plastic-free.

How did the Youth and Earth brand start? 

The brand was founded by British entrepreneur, Ed van Harmelen, after he became physically run down. As his condition worsened, it began to affect his career, so he took home a self blood test kit and was shocked at his findings. He had discovered his NAD+ levels were significantly declining. In 2017 Ed came across the principle of longevity pathways and turned his attention to the studies of ‘bio-hacking’. He tested these practices on his own health issues and actively monitored the significant improvements they made upon his physical and mental energy. Ed continued to study the hallmarks of ageing and soon noticed a gap in the European supplements market that addressed health issues, much like his own, at a cellular level. He thought of ageing much like a disease, and with that Youth and Earth was born, standing proudly as the cure.

Who is their target audience?

Life is all about the adventures you have. And, no matter what age you are, maintaining a great quality of life is about achieving optimum efficiency in your body and mind. Youth & Earth supplements are designed for those who want great energy, vitality and general health. With regular supplementation, you may come to realise that the secret to staying youthful is closer to home than you probably first thought. 

What do Youth & Earth produce?

They make a range of anti-aging supplements that only offer nothing less than the highest quality, purity and potency. These include bioavailable sublingual powders, delayed release capsules, liposomal formulas, and synergetic formulas.