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Xylitol: Low glycaemic jams & sweeteners.

Xylitol offer a range of low glycaemic jams & sweeteners that can help keep your blood sugar in check.

What is xylitol?

Xylitol is a naturally occurring sweetener derived from the birch trees of Finland, which is offered in its purest form for home use or for Food production. Xylitol is as versatile and delicious as regular Sugar and heat-stable for cooking and Baking too! It even mixes and dissolves just like regular sugar and can replace sugar in equal measurements.

How do you use xylitol?

You may wish to use the Xylitol Sweetener Pouch 1kg in your home made recipes for Biscuits, Cookies & Cakes as well as other ConfectioneryXylitol Natural Sweetener - 50 Sachets are ideal for sweetening Hot Beverages with.

Is xylitol safe for diabetics?

Yes! With Xylitol you can literally have your cake and eat it. Because unlike other sugars, Xylitol is metabolised without insulin and therefore creates a significantly lower glycaemic effect when consumed. 

Diabetics who choose to use Xylitol as an alternative to table sugar should enjoy steady levels of Blood Sugar Control at all times - this in contrast to the dangerously fluctuating blood sugar levels one would otherwise have to worry about.

What is the best jam for diabetics?

Diabetics may wish to consider Xylitol Blueberry Jam 200g or Xylitol Strawberry Jam 200g.

Is xylitol harmful to teeth?

Xylitol is a truly tooth-friendly sugar, which is endorsed by the British Dental Association. Not only does xylitol not advance tooth decay but it has also been found to help teeth repair minor cavities caused by dental caries.