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Wilton London

Wilton London

Britain's Best Botanical Home Care Brand


Wilton London put our planet and their consumers first, before profit, without compromising on their business growth at a time when eco-friendly Cleaning products are in demand. In fact, they make the move to eco-cleaning products easy, with a wide selection of high quality Household cleaners that are made from natural ingredients.

What do they make?


They have designed a range of botanical scents where Essential Oils sit at centre stage. These cleaning products leave your home and laundry with an indulgent botanical smell, while their biodegradable formulas are Vegan Society registered, cruelty free and packed into recycled and recyclable bottles

What makes Wilton London stand out?


Wilton London makes doing the chores less of a chore. This B Corp certified brand continues to innovate with their formulas and packaging, which continually reduce their impact on the environment. They also harness the powder of recycled materials to divert more waste away from landfills. In April of 2021, the brand was chosen for the Virgin Collective Impact Programme, a scheme designed to help ethical businesses maximise their potential.

How did the Wilton London brand start?


The brand was founded in 2018, by ethical entrepreneurs Mike Perry and Sam Whigham, who set out on a mission to become the best-loved eco-cleaning brand in Great Britain. Co-founder Sam, took his obsession with natural botanicals and combined it with Mike’s desire to create a wholesome company who produced the very best eco-friendly and plant-based cleaning products, at a time when such products were experiencing 6 times the level of growth of conventional cleaners. Despite the recent pandemic, this boom in the eco-friendly cleaning market has shown very little sign of slowing down and Wilton London continues to grow alongside the changing trends for ‘healthier’ cleaning products. 

Who is Wilton London’s target audience?


Their products are ideal for those ‘greener’, more self conscious individuals who care for what they clean their own homes with, and how they might affect their surroundings. For these products will not cause harm to the environment, nor will they release harmful chemicals into our atmosphere.