Wild Nutrition

Wild Nutrition

Wild Nutrition: Bespoke Food-Grown Supplements To Support Every Member Of Your Family.

Wild Nutrition is a family business founded by husband and wife team, Charlie and Henrietta Norton, in Lewes, England. Henrietta sought a brand that provided expertly formulated combinations that she could use for both her clients and her family. She couldn’t find one and so the Wild Nutrition journey began.

Henrietta (a nutritional therapisthad spent a number of years gaining experience in the Food Supplements industry, formulating and researching supplements for leading European health providers. From this experience, Henrietta realised that the majority of food supplements were synthetically derived isolated nutrients. She became aware of the profound benefits of Food-State Nutrients and together with her husband Charlie, Wild Nutrition was born.

What is the Food-Grown Process?

The food-grown process relates to the way Wild Nutrition produce each and everyone of there products:

  • SourceWild Nutrition start with 100% natural whole food ingredients from sources that they know and trust.
  • EnrichThese whole food ingredients are then reduced to a paste and enriched with highly beneficial nutrients.
  • GrowThe nutrients grow within the whole food producing a super nutritious food complex. The whole process takes 72 hours.
  • HarvestFinally we spray dry the nutritious complex with filtered air, into a powder form ready for encapsulation.

What are the benefits of Food-Grown supplements?

These days, our bodies are living longer and need to be regularly supported with essential Vitamins and Minerals to function efficiently. Food-Grown supplements, like Wild Nutritionprovide nutrients in a 'food complex' that remain in your Body for much longer (compared to other food supplements) and offer 'whole nourishment' to where it's needed.

Why are Wild Nutrition Food-Grown Supplements presented in brown glass jars?

Nutrients can be vulnerable to light and heat, so Wild Nutrtion use brown glass recyclable jars to protect the vital ingredients inside them. This also protects the fat-soluble nutrients from absorbing unwanted chemicals often found in plastic containers.

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