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Wicked Gummy Company

Wicked Gummy Company

Wicked Gummy Co - Sweet Tasting Nutritional Gummies

The Wicked Gummy Company make health boosting supplements that taste like sweets. They are non-GMO, 100% vegan, Gluten Free, allergen friendly and presented in fully recyclable packaging. And while there is a very small amount of natural sugar in each Wicked Gummy Co. gummy, it from pectin, which is derived from the skin of an  apple.

Who is the Wicked Gummy Co?

The Wicked Gummy Co was founded in 2019 by two friends, Warren & Richard, who both have a long history of working with nutritional supplement brands. This brand was established in an ever changing Supplements industry, which was once the preserve of professional athletes and gym goers but has now very much evolved in to the mainstream health and wellness category we know today

Who can take Wicked Gummy supplements?

Adults looking to create healthy habits and enjoy all round health and well-being. Whether it be dysphagia (a difficulty swallowing) or ‘pill fatigue’, up to 40% of adults have an inability or difficulty swallowing pills, while other individuals simply do not like taking them, especially if they already take other prescriptions. Studies show that one of the most common things preventing people from getting the most benefit from nutritional supplements is not taking them every day, as the drudgery of washing down a handful of capsules every morning simply becomes boring. Most adults integrate the Wicked Gummy Co’s nutritional gummies into their morning routine, however some take them after dinner in place of their usual sweet treat.

Do vitamin gummies really work?

These delicious nutritional gummies are backed by science and manufactured in BRC approved facilities. Each bioavailable gummy provides a convenient and tastier alternative to conventional pills and capsules.