What a Melon

What a Melon

What a Melon: 100% Natural, hydrating watermelon water.

Alright stop. Take a sip and listen, watermelon's back with a brand new invention! For What a Melon is the first all-natural watermelon water range in the UK that offers an alternative to Coconut Water to hydrate your body with a fine source of electrolytes (potassium).

What vitamin is watermelon rich in?

Fresh watermelon water, like What a Melon, is full of Vitamins A, B5 & C, and also includes decent traces of copper & potasssium to get the party jumping, and provide your body with immune support plus a little boost of happiness.

Is What a Melon sugar free?

Never ever from concentrate, What a Melon has been made exactly how it should be, with no added Sugar (it's 43% lower in natural sugar too) and absolutely nothing artificial. 

Is watermelon water better than coconut water?

Unlike coconut water, watermelon water includes the antioxidant lycopene and the muscle loving amino acid, citrulline. This makes What a Melon the ideal choice for your post-workout parch - no bits, no pips, just your one stop hydration station!

Who is What A Melon?

What a Melon is a small small independent, British soft drinks company specialising in modern day health & wellness drinks.

Is What a Melon ethical?

Yes, we think so! Our What a Melon range is presented in a Tetrapak and doesn't have to be distributed or stored chilled (therefore lowering the companies carbon footprint).

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