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Be your very best with Vegan Series protein powders.

The Vegan Series range of vegan friendly Protein Powders (from Bulk Powders) encompass products such as Hemp protein and pea protein to ensure that those on a strict vegan diet have access to the highest quality protein Supplements available.

While it is clear that in today's modern world, vegans no longer struggle in obtaining enough protein from normal everyday Food, many are still trying to grow bigger, stronger, and more powerful by lifting heavy objects and really pushing their bodies. For this purpose, Vegan Series helps vegans to go beyond these average recommendations and increase their overall protein intake.

What is protein?

Protein is made up of smaller building blocks, known as Amino Acids. There are twenty-one amino acids which are useful for, Joints & Bones, muscles, cartilage, Skin, and blood and we can actually produce all but nine of them (the essential amino acids). Basically, we must consume these nine amino acids.

And why is protein particularly important to vegans?

While a vegan diet is likely to contain lots of Vitamins, Minerals and fibre, it may put people at risk of being deficient in several Other Nutrients and key essential amino acids, from protein.

There are lots of reasonably high protein vegan foods like Nuts & Seeds but to truly maximize recovery and growth, vegans need to consider not just the protein amount within their diet, but also the quality of that protein. This is defined by a few things, such as the type of amino acid the protein source contains, how available it is after Digestion, and also how much leucine (an important amino acid) is contained within the protein.

Why should I choose Vegan Series protein powders?

Bulk Powders wish to inspire vegans to reach their goals with a range of low priced sports, health and bodybuilding protein supplements, without comprising on quality. Their selection of Vegan Series Protein Powders (below) are blended with premium soy, hemp, brown rice, and pea protein respectively, which help vegans to up their protein intake any time of the day. 

As an award-winning brand with the likes of Anthony Joshua, Tom Daley and Lucy Watson endorsing their products, Vegan Series has everything your muscles need after a tough session. So, Whatever your sport... Whatever your goal... Beginner or professional... Vegan Series have got you covered.

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