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Ugly Drinks

Ugly Drinks

With no sugar, no calories, and real fruit flavours it's time to drink Ugly!

Ugly Drinks is a range of canned Drinks & Beverages that contain sparkling water with real fruit flavours. Ugly Drinks contain no Sugar, no sweeteners, no calories and nothing artificial. Instead, each Ugly Drink contains a blend of natural fruit extracts, Essential Oils and natural aromas. 

I guess I need to refrigerate the drinks then?

No not necessarily, as Ugly Drinks can be stored outside of the fridge. However Ugly suggest chilling and enjoying ice cold for the best taste.

How do the pH levels of Ugly drinks compare to other sweet carbonated soft drinks?

The pH level of Ugly Drinks varies but you can rest assured that they are far less acidic than traditionally sweet carbonated soft drinks.

How is Ugly water sourced & filtered?

Ugly uses local water which is then treated using a filtration system to remove additives and impurities. Ugly work hard to ensure the consistency and quality of their drinks in every can.

Are the drinks suitable for diabetics?

Yes, as there is no sugar, sweeteners or anything artificial in Ugly Drinks.

Are the range of natural soft drinks vegan?

Yes! Ugly Drinks are vegan, vegetarian and Gluten Free. Ugly Drinks do not contain dairy, soy, animal products, Nuts or preservatives.