Two Wise Chimps

Two Wise Chimps

Functional Natural Chewing Gum from Two Wise Chimps.

Two Wise Chimps small but mighty, plant-based chewing gums contain all the benefits of a regular gum but with an added Energy drink boost as well. Every nine-piece pack provides approximately 45mg CBD with 40mg caffeine per piece and a daily dose of Vitamin B too!

A perfect sugar free caffeine boost.

Without the cons of an energy drink, or the cost of a barista made Coffee, you can get your hit whenever and wherever you are with Two Wise Chimps CBD Gum. Each piece not only gives you an instant hit but sustains alertness and reduces Fatigue with 6mg of vitamin B5.

Looking to get CBD into your daily routine?

Two Wise Chimps delivers 5mg of high purity CBD per piece, offering you a fast acting dose of CBD. As you chew the gum, the CBD is released into your mouth allowing it to be absorbed sublingually (under the tongue).

Teeth beginning to stain?

Two Wise Chimps gum whitens teeth by reducing the build-up of plaque, preventing a dull looking smile.

Is Two Wise Chimps Gum vegan friendly?

Yes. Don't be fooled by the name, as Two Wise Chimps contain no animal derived ingredients, making it suitable for vegans & vegetarians alike. Their gums are also Gluten Free.

Why should I switch my regular chewing gum for Two Wise Chimps?

Regular chewing gums use a synthetic, plastic gum base, including the largest manufacturer of gum in the world. This type of base contains chemical elastomers, resins and plasticizers – and sometimes even fillers like talc! 

Two Wise Chimps gum is different, as it harvested by scoring the bark of Sapodilla trees that grow in the Mexican rain forest. And because the gum base is refined tree sap, it is completely natural and will degrade just like twigs and leaves.

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